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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Chloe's Dr's visit.

This past week we had Chloe's three month check up along with her six month lab re-checks. All of Chloe's lab work came back perfect.  Six months ago her Dr. was not happy with her cholesterol, her thyroid functions or her a1c score.  Since eating raw for only 10 days prior to her labs being drawn, amazingly all her ranges came back normal and her a1c was the lowest ever,  6.  Her Dr. was not thrilled about us becoming raw food eaters and did give us a lecture that I tuned out 1/2 way through. When I analyze what I remember of her lecture, she basically said that we can not continue to eat raw because even though Chloe's lab work showed miraculous improvement, she didn't grow an inch.  How could her Dr. make make an accurate speculation based on only 20 days of raw food eating?

  Chloe did try eating Ezekiel Bread one day this week only to find that it caused her glucose to cascade out of control. We also found that agave nectar caused a tremendous problem with her glucose and this was tossed as well. These two products proved to be very difficult to control even though they are advertised as low glycemic products. Wrong.

I just find it difficult to digest that we humans need to kill and eat animals to grow efficiently. Every book, article, journal, blog etc. that I have researched contradicts this old myth.

I think we really need a dehydrator. This will increase our raw food options immensely.   

Peace to you,

Kimberly :)

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