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Friday, June 11, 2010

17 Days & Strong.

    Well, we seem to be regular raw food eaters now.  I'm very thankful for this challenge and never realized how good I could feel by becoming a raw food eater. Chloe's insulin doses were steady all day today, but the other night at her 2am check, I had to actually lower her 'basal' (amount of insulin drip from her pump in a hour) to the lowest it has ever been.  Her pre-dawn basal is a little higher then her night time basal only because our bodies naturally release glucose from our liver before dawn to give our body energy for our morning. ( The Pre-Dawn Effect).  I am finding that in the early afternoons her requirement for insulin has dropped as well. Her body is regulating itself on its own for evening. Yay!
   Autumn seems to be adjusting, but I find that I have to remind her to eat.  She is never hungry, and although that is a first for all of us, she needs to eat. She is reading a lot more and keeping herself occupied with her studies which is fabulous. She is swimming laps now in the pool daily and finds herself more energetic. She does have headaches every now and then, but she was a big time caffeine drinker up until two weeks ago so I am sure she is still detoxing.
   Donald is losing weight and continues to support the family by remaining a raw food eater even while running a restaurant.  I can not imagine that torture, but he does have access to some pretty healthy raw salads so it can not be that bad.  His gout is flaring up though and this is driving him nuts. We are trying to pinpoint the source of the uric acid problem, but so far can not. He is drinking cherry juice and doing all that he can to help his pain. (Frozen cabbage soaks)
   Me, well, I'm reading a ton, swimming a lot with both girls and find myself cleaning the kitchen constantly! Raw food eating is messy! Fruit flies and stinky trash cans. It's all good. :)


Christine said...

Watching y'all (look! I said y'all!) has been so interesting. I'm so glad that this has had such a positive effect for not only Chloe, but your whole family.

~Kimberly said...

Thanks Christine. I'd be telling you a lie if I said it has been easy! The first four days were a blur and I honestly thought I was going to pass out a few times. Thank goodness for the blender and fruit smoothies. I think the adjustment was easier for our family because we have a dream. I appreciate your support and consistent advice on.... Well, just about everything!

rawkirbycuke said...

You guys are doing sooo great!
One thought with the gout..it could be bothering him due to his weight loss..that tends to make gout symptoms worse sometimes. Also if he is having juices rather than smoothie or whole fruits..sometimes the high fructose count in the juice can aggravate gout.Im not a doctor I just play one on tv :-)