"The basic right of all human beings is the right to choose what to learn and think." ~John Holt

Friday, April 9, 2010

First post...revised a million times! :)

   Almost four years ago my daughter Chloe started breathing rapidly.  Since Chloe had been diagnosed earlier that year with asthma I thought she needed a breathing treatment. I was very wrong. When her breathing became worse, my husband Donald and I decided to drive Chloe to the hospital. After reaching our local hospital, Chloe was then put into another ambulance. She was driven to The Childrens Hospital in New Orleans. Chloe was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, a diagnosis that we never expected, but were able to digest. We would all need to learn about the disease and how to take care of Chloe in a entirely different way.

   Donald and I started thinking about homeschooling both the girls after the diagnosis but we had so many concerns. Could we possibly provide our children with a proper education at home? What about the laws on homeschooling?  Cost? What would family members say?  Looking back now it all seems so silly.

   While all of the drama with Chloe was unraveling,our daughter Autumn sat patiently.  Autumn hated school even though she was a straight A student and had tons of friends. Autumn felt that if Chloe were going to have the choice to homeschool then she wanted that right too!   

The most difficult challenge for our family when we started homeschooling was the bullying of the outside families.  

We started home schooling the girls in August of 2006.

"The basic right of all human beings is the right to choose what to learn and think." ~John Holt

Going vegan.

It has been over three weeks since Chloe decided to become a vegan and an animal rights activist. Being her mom I felt I should follow along.  Have you ever eaten vegan? Nightmare for me at first. But, once we tossed out all the food products in our house and restocked the shelves with better choices, things became easier.  I must say that I  actually like cooking with fresh veggies,beans and tofu. I used to never cook, only microwave.  Yuck!