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Friday, August 13, 2010

Remedy for nasty childhood warts....

Okay, I know, gross. But, I 'm reading the book, Eat Pray Love, by Elizabeth Gilbert and I am at a part where she visits a natural healer who cures an infection she has on her knee with leaves. So, I jump up, run to my laptop and log in thinking, I've got to share, I need to share something seriously important with my friends and parents of children, quickly, before I forget!

When Autumn was younger, she was always getting warts. Planters on the bottom of her feet, on her legs, arms, and fingers. We would have them burned off, cut off by her physician, only to have them grow back, or leave a nasty scar. She actually has a very annoying scar on her left hand, where her someday wedding band will go, and it is a huge personal issue with her.

Anyway, to make it simple, Autumn decided last year when she was aggravating over a few more warts that had come up on her fingers and arms, she was going to try something homeopathic. She researched and came up with an amazing inexpensive alternative to more burnings and cutting marks left by the docs.

Apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball  taped over the wart and removed daily for three weeks...Yes!  It only took three days and all her warts not only disappeared, but they have never returned!

Needed to share, it was bugging me and I couldn't fall asleep. I know, I need help!


Christine said...

You don't "need" help, you "are" help! I had no idea!

Laura/CenterDownHome said...

Boy, where were you with this info when my boys were younger? Owen had a wart on his knee for years! I had one burned off of the palm of my hand when I was 16. How is the scar better than the wart?? Now I want one of us to come up with a wart, so I can get out my apple cider vinegar!

Carey said...

awesome! So have to remember this!!!!