"The basic right of all human beings is the right to choose what to learn and think." ~John Holt

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I am That Mom......

~I am That Mom who would not allow her child to be put in daycare almost 17 years ago..... even when everyone in my family was pushing me to. I quit my job and my husband got three more.

~I am That Mom who allows every kid in the neighborhood in my house, lets them sleep over and have camp outs on my living room floor for days at a time.

~I am That Mom who lets her children color their hair, pierce their nose and drives to the store at 3am for another color of nail polish.

~ I am That Mom who watches South Park episodes one after the other with her kids.... while laughing hysterically.

~I am That Mom who allows her children to have rats, cats, guinea pigs, dogs, a pet pig, hamsters and stray animals because they love them and cherish their needs.

~I am That Mom who has moved over 26 times so that her husband could expand his career while allowing me to be home with my girls 24/7. One time from Florida to Chicago in the middle of winter! That was hard.

~I am That Mom who when asked by her younger daughter to take a 30 day raw food challenge, did successfully, and still doesn't eat meat and avoids cooked food because Chloe insist.

~I am That Mom who is weird about her children being around people or family members who are drinking alcohol...... because I am a person who has survived an alcoholic upbringing, and it freaks me out....

~I am That Mom who still allows her kids to sleep in her bed or on her floor all wrapped and cozy because they want to.

~I am That Mom who has almost lost both of her children..... Autumn (then age 2)  in an accidental drug overdose at a family function and Chloe, from  type 1 diabetes-DKA, Diabetic ketoacidosis.

~I am That Mom who doesn't push her daughter to drive just because she is 16. She'll learn when she is ready.

~I am That Mom who will sit back and watch her children become who they want to become ,without the worry of what other people think.

~So there!  :)



Flo said...

You're such a great mom! I've been so inspired by your Raw challenge and by your commitment to make it work. You're daughters are blessed to have you.

Ronnie said...

Yay! So glad you joined in, Kimberly!

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Carey said...

I LOVE THIS!!!! And with some things I've recently been going through with people that really don't matter judging my parenting and me having to learn to not care what other people think, this is perfect! I hope you don't mind, but I would like to steal the idea and make my own "That kind of mom" and THANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS!!!!!